Visual Studio 11 beta – broken association to .sln, etc. files

For some unknown reason, myself and one other developer where I work suddenly found that when we launched a solution via the “pinned” feature through the Visual Studio 11 beta icon on the task bar, it would launch the solution in Visual Studio 10.  I’m not sure what caused this – neither one of us can pinpoint anything we did configuration-wise to cause this issue.

I have attempted to fix the issue via several routes:

  1. In Windows 7, you can right-click on a file and in the Open With submenu in the resulting context menu, chose “open with”.  The resulting dialog will give you the option of selecting a program and  checking a box to always use the current selection:
    Open With Dialog

    Open With Dialog

    If I chose Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Beta and check the appropriate box, it doesn’t save the setting.

  2. I have also attempted to set it through Visual Studio itself via the Tools > Options > Environment > General > Manage File Associations.  For whatever reason, it refuses to set the .sln (and .csproj, among others) to anything other than Visual Studio Version Selector.
  3. I even attempted to set it through the registry, but to no avail.

If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this issue, a comment would be greatly appreciated.

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3 Responses to Visual Studio 11 beta – broken association to .sln, etc. files

  1. faalon says:

    I have actually fixed this issue. I’m not sure what really did it, honestly. I did a repair of the installation (run the install again, chose repair) and between that and all my other efforts, that seemed to fix the issue. It’s still showing the incorrect icon (the VS10 icon) but it does now launch pinned .sln files in VS11. Go figure…

  2. Matt Wrock says:

    I noticed this immediately after a windows update on 3/13 that included a security update for VS. I too had a feeling that doing a vs11 repair would fix that. How long did that take?

    • faalon says:

      I didn’t even think to check windows updates that could have caused it. The repair took just as long (and was just as involved as far as rebooting, etc.) as the original install, actually.

      I’m not sure exactly what I did that fixed it but after all the gymnastics I went through it finally is opening the .sln files in VS11. I think I mentioned, but I did actually crawl the registry and looked for .sln – there are several dozen references to it throughout the registry, but I changed everything I thought I could get away with to open with VS11 rather than VS10/VS Version Selector.

      I did stop short of uninstalling VS10 because we have a couple projects that have Setup projects, which are not supported in VS11.

      One thing with my shotgun approach, it is still displaying the icon from the Visual Studio Version Selector, but it does at least open in the correct version.

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