Publisher cancels book contract because the writer is gay

Excellent! I’m way late to the party on this one but regardless, the point is valid; Cedar Fort really screwed the pooch here.

Monster Hunter Nation

So Cedar Fort really likes a book submitted to them and says that they think it will sell well. Cedar Fort gives a contract to these two authors. They write their author bios. One mentions his “partner” instead of his wife. Cedar Fort flips out and drops them.

A couple of thoughts.

1. Just from a business/marketing perpsective, what a stupid, stupid, stupid, bone headed maneuver that was by Cedar Fort. Bad publicity for them, and on a side note way to make my home state look bad, because Cedar Fort is from Utah.

Cedar Fort is a regional publisher and sells lots of books to the LDS market. So by extension, way to make Mormons look bad, you dumbasses. Because the vast majority of Mormons don’t care if an entertainer is gay when we watch their movies, read their books, or listen to their music, you dipshits just…

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