Why is Trump so popular?

I’ve heard many theories on why voters are flocking to candidates like Donald Trump, and a few of them ring true, at least in part.

I believe that the media and the political machine would do well to consider other reasons; I have one.

Trump and other similarly non-politic candidates attract people who are just plain tired. Tired of politics in general and politicians specifically. I know because I’m one of them. I’m so disillusioned I was recently mistaken for the patron saint of the perpetually apathetic.

So why are some people so tired of politics that they are considering candidates of such seemingly low moral and ethical character? Simple; because they aren’t politicians.
I’m sure every generation tires of hearing about corruptness in government. The back-handed deals, the pork-laden bills passed only because the sponsors are willing to sell yet another piece of our country to some asshole in order to further their own career and line their own grubby pockets, the wholesale abolishment of our privacy in exchange for yet another level of Security Theater, etc.

There are many other factors that add to my personal malaise; campuses squashing free speech so students can go around un-micro-aggressed and un-triggered (and conversely, students who have somehow developed the belief that they have a right to not be offended), a trough of ho-hum presidential candidates seemingly better suited as late-night comedy fodder than representing people in government, the list goes on and on, really.

And yet government just continues to get bigger and bigger, handing out yet more of a pie we long ago ran out of and can never possibly hope to replace. And politicians get more tenured and indoctrinated and even the ones who really go into politics with good intentions seem to end up sequestered into some quiet committee with little or no power and unless you frequent CSPAN, you never hear from them again.

So when a guy comes along and mouths off to politicians in a public forum, making them look stupid and embarrassing them, we enjoy it a little. We feel justified that they get some exposure and feel they should answer us as to why they’ve sold our country down the river for a fast buck.

I know that I personally shovel a lot of the shit I hate about our country on the shoulders of politicians, warranted or not.

So when Trump opens up in a debate and gets in a few good jabs he becomes our surrogate in the political story. He’s us up there, lambasting easy targets, which is a euphemism for politicians, for being the reason our country seems bent on spending all our money, relieving us of all our freedoms and ultimately selling us to the highest bidder. He’s a surrogate for everyone in the country that for any reason wants to tell politicians to shove it sideways.

It doesn’t seem to matter how many people he offends or how many statistics he makes up to support his bid because we can relate to him. He’s pissed and he acts like it. We’re pissed too!

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