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Visual Studio 2015 .suo File Corrupt

I recently had a problem with one of my projects in Visual Studio 2015. The symptoms seemed to indicate a corrupted .suo file, but I was unable to locate it anywhere I have normally found *.suo files previously. One of … Continue reading

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Renaming a foreign key column in EntityFramework Code-First

I fought this for a while before I finally figured this out, so I thought I’d pass along the info. The scenario is this: when using a model that references another model via a foreign key and attempting to get … Continue reading

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Visual Studio 11 beta – broken association to .sln, etc. files

For some unknown reason, myself and one other developer where I work suddenly found that when we launched a solution via the “pinned” feature through the Visual Studio 11 beta icon on the task bar, it would launch the solution … Continue reading

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